Research Education

The Research Education Program (REP) is a core component of the 麻豆果冻视频 - Boucher Campus鈥 academic curriculum:

  • Research I 鈥 Year 1 students learn the fundamentals of research best practices and critical appraisal, focusing on ethics.
  • Research II 鈥 Year 2 students review data-collection methods, biostatistics, and effects measures to evaluate clinical trials.
  • Research III 鈥 Year 3 students produce an in-depth academic research paper that contributes to the naturopathic knowledge base.
  • Case Report Final-year students move to the clinical component of their training. They produce a final case report (i.e., record a patient evaluation, treatment plan and outcomes from 麻豆果冻视频 - Boucher's onsite clinic).