Our Mission
The Patterson Institute for Integrative Oncology Research expands on the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine鈥檚 excellence in research and education through dedication to research on naturopathic and integrative oncology. We are a research institute focused on a whole-person approach to cancer care that incorporates and evaluates the best of naturopathic medicine when applied to cancer care. This approach encompasses the social, psychological, physiological, and environmental aspects relevant to people as they live with cancer.
  • Advance the science and evidence underpinning integrative and naturopathic oncology
  • Increase the awareness and credibility of naturopathic and integrative oncology
  • Assist NDs in the application of evidence informed clinical practice
  • Focus research on a whole-person approach to cancer care
  • Build national and international collaborations that contribute to naturopathic and integrative oncology
Our Mission
Develop a stronger evidence base for integrative cancer therapies. The Patterson Institute will work with naturopathic clinics and integrative facilities across Canada where integrative cancer therapies are being employed to capture the experiences of this cancer patient group.
Focus research on a whole-person approach to cancer care which addresses the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of the patient journey.
Facilitate the partnership between CCNM and the Abbey Retreat Centre. The Institute will establish long-term relationships with the Abbey Retreat Centre (ARC) and ARC participants to evaluate outcomes with a view towards understanding the effect of restorative retreats.
Create an evidence based restorative retreat program, immersing people at all stages of the cancer journey in the opportunity to learn and engage in life changing processes supporting quality of life, cancer prognosis and overall health indicators.
Produce integrative oncology treatment guidelines. It will develop a repository of treatment guidelines to be used by health care providers in helping patients make evidence-based decisions when choosing integrative cancer treatments.
Strengthen the links to conventional oncology care through guideline production, expertise in mind body medicine and whole person care, and a stronger evidence base for integrative therapies.
Assist in the training and development of ND specialists in integrative cancer care, such that 麻豆果冻视频 will be recognized as the leading North American provider of post-graduate training. The Patterson Institute will produce Continuing Medical Education (CME) and treatment guidelines to assist 麻豆果冻视频 in remaining at the forefront of integrative cancer care.
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