COVID-19 Information - Boucher Campus
The British Columbia Provincial Health Officer requires all students of post-secondary institutions participating in the delivery of any medical services at a care location for training to be vaccinated for COVID-19. This provincial order applies to all students acting as primary interns, secondary interns, students shadowing in the clinic as well as Y1T1 students at the Boucher Campus for all Boucher clinics as well as for preceptoring and externships.
If you believe you have a valid medical exemption, you need to seek the approval of the regional Medical Health Officer for the Fraser Health District.
The College is required to comply with the provincial directive.
NOTE: Students must have received both doses, plus wait a period of 14 days from the last dose to be considered fully vaccinated.
COVID-19 Screening Form - Boucher Campus
Effective Nov. 1, 2021 ALL faculty, staff and students who are accessing the campus or Boucher clinics (onsite or external) must complete and submit the prior to entering the campus or external sites each day they will be on site.
  • A screen shot of the completed app including the date and time must be emailed by you, to
  • This will enable us to track compliance and help Fraser Health with contract tracing if there is an exposure incident.
If a person does not have access to a device that will support the app, they will instead be required to submit the attached each day they will be entering campus or one of the clinics.
  • All members of the 麻豆果冻视频 鈥 Boucher Campus community must be extremely attentive about completing the COVID-19 or Communicable disease self-assessment prior to entering 麻豆果冻视频 鈥 Boucher Campus each day they will be on campus and must use their Boucher ID cards when accessing the campus.
  • While on the premises, physical distancing of at least two meters is recommended when possible.
  • Masks or face coverings must always be worn properly when on campus. A mask or face covering may be briefly displaced when drinking or eating but must be placed back properly on the face immediately afterwards.
  • Individuals experiencing symptoms must stay home and are recommended to be tested for COVID-19 as outlined in the 麻豆果冻视频 - Boucher Fall Campus Plan 2021.
Failure to comply with these communicable diseases (including COVID-19) requirements is considered a breach of conduct and sanctions may be an outcome for an individual who continues to disregard procedure.
Concourse Screening Times
September 14, 2020 forward will be 8:15 a.m. 鈥 8:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. 鈥 1:10 p.m.
Please arrange to arrive so you can be screened appropriately or you will not be able to enter campus. Do not enter campus areas without being screened: ie: classroom areas, student areas, locker areas, clinic, general admin, academics admin, student services, counselling, library, lounges, etc. Anyone who has Covid symptoms is required to self isolate as per the BCCDC, please see the attached Covid flowcharts below for guidance if you have questions about attending or if you should isolate.
Anyone found in violation of the safety precautions and procedures that have been implemented for Return to campus, including but not limited to: being on campus without being screened, not wearing a mask, gather in groups, will be asked to leave campus and will be remanded to the Dean鈥檚 Council (students) or HR (staff/faculty) for breach of conduct. Thank you for your understanding and compliance for the safety of our community.
Campus Access and Safety Protocols
Physical distancing is still recommended where possible.
  • This means keep more than 2m away from others in rooms, workspaces and all common areas whenever possible
Face masks are required in the following:
  • Academic practical classes for faculty and students
    鈥 masks are provided for each class
  • Boucher clinics (campus and external satellite clinics) by faculty, staff, and students and patients
    鈥 masks are provided for each shift and for each visit for a patient
    - patients must wear the mask for the duration of their time in the clinic
    - staff, faculty, and students are required to wear their mask while in the clinic
  • Masks are strongly recommended while on campus
Sanitize any table/chair you have used with the provided spray or wipes (i.e., Lysol/Caviwipes) before you leave
  • Wash your hands frequently
Stay home if you are sick:
  • Email your academic instructor and/or clinic supervisor
  • Self-isolate for the required days for your vaccination status (see Fall Campus Guidelines) and only return if symptoms have improved for a minimum of 48 hrs and you have no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications)
  • Patients should not attend if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and call to reschedule their appointment and follow government self-isolation guidelines